Vigno Trademark 212 independent Chilean wineries from Maule region decided to promote their carignan wine under the common trademark VIGNO®. In both the name of the organisation and the brand name, the French/Italian ‘gn’ has been chosen instead of the Hispanic ‘n’ to give it a distinct and international character. This new common trademark will appear on all the labels, packaging and promotional communication.
All the produced wines must come from at least 30 years old vines planted in the ‘secano’ (non-irrigated) part of Maule. The carignan can also be grafted on even older (80-120 years old!) pais roots. All the vines must be trained in ‘cabeza’ (gobelet or bush-head) system and absolutely non-irrigated. The percentage of carignan must be at least 65%. The (max. 35%) other grapes for blends must also come from the secano part of Maule, a strictly delimited area. Finally, all the wines must undergo a minimum ageing period of 2 years in new barriques (or amphora) and/or bottle before release.
This is great news for the preservation of the viti-vinicultural heritage of the Maule secano region. The carignan (a.k.a. carinano) vines from this region have been planted after the earthquake of 1939 which affected very badly the whole south of Chile. This planting was meant to give a new impulse to the local viticultural area, too much depending on the old variety pais. Maule knew however to distinguish itself from the rest by going for quality instead of quantity. Nowadays, the carignan wines from Maule are recognized, renowned and beloved by all the real wine lovers. In general, the Maule secano carignan wines are lovely rustic, with fresh and fruity aromas reminding sour cherries and red fruits, with some floral and mineral accents. On the palate, they offer power and elegance, earthiness and generous fruit, freshness and warm sensuality.Vigno Trademark 3
This whole project is a dream that came through, the dream of very passionate wine personalities like Andrés Sánchez (Gillmore), Derek Mossman (Garage Wine Co.) and Eduardo Brethauer (Chilean wine & gastronomy press).

Congratulations for this fantastic achievement! I hope that this project Vigno Trademark 1will not only improve the popularity of the Maule Secano wine region but also give a great impulse to the economicand social life in that region by increasing the touristic stream.
Vignadores de Carignan: Andrés Sánchez (president), Pablo Morandé (vice-president), Rafael Urrejola (secretary), Dean Habrar (treasurer), Derek Mossman, Felipe García and Eduardo Brethauer (directors). Participating wineries: Bravado Wines*, De Martino, Garage Wine Co.*, Gillmore*, Lomas de Cauquenes, Meli*, Miguel Torres.Vigno Trademark 4

-Cristian Callec

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