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Chile: Back to the Future

Chile’s cool crew

      Jancis Robinson Visite Noticia Original

Chile’s revolutionary new reds

Jancis Robinson Visite Noticia Original


  Visite la Noticia Original

Carignan By James Suckling Tasting Report: CHILE’S BREATHTAKING DIVERSITY

 Today, a group of 14 producers make up VIGNO, an association whose objective, in the words of Andrés Sánchez, winemaker of Gillmore as well as co-founder of VIGNO and MOVI, is to “show

Is Carignan the New Carmenére? THE NEWER CHILE

The New Chile (or the New Spain, the New France, the New Whatever…) has been used and overused, in institutional campaigns, in articles here and there, in slogans, more often than not

Carignan in The New Chile

VIGNO – Chile’s First Appellation In The Making

  VIGNO – Vignadores de Carignan, the first true Chilean appellation is set to be a  reality. The name is derived from vino, the Spanish word for wine, combined with the “G”

Reportaje Tomoko Ebisawa

La periodista japonesa hace una breve reseña del momento que está viviendo Chile en cuanto a revalorizar su patrimonio vitícola y el mayor valor hacia las denominaciones de origen. VIGNO es el

Publicación en Decanter, UK. Jefford on Monday: Land of Flesh and Honey

Even the most moderate consumer of on-line wine-writing last year must have read somewhere or other about Vigno: Chile’s ‘Vignadores de Carignan’. This was partly a tribute to the Association’s roving ambassador,